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At LT Dickens Designs.... we design and create for Size YOU!  We feel that you should feel FABOULOUS in the skin you're in, so why not treat yourself to something designed and created just for YOU!

Classic, elegant, and unique sophistication are the hallmarks of LT Dickens Designs.  Creating and producing high end, unique quality clothing; custom wedding and couture gowns, custom suits for women and men. As well as customizing a personal wardrobe for every aspect of your life.


LT Dickens has been designing womenswear for over 15 years. Her Love for fashion began when she was just a young girl, cutting old clothing and hand stitching them to make clothes for her Barbie dolls. 

LT Dickens Designs runway debut happened in 2008, where LT's creative designs ripped the runway of Baltimore's Fashion Week where she ranked high amongst Baltimore's Top Designers. Her premier collection boasted luxurious fabrics with classic design silhouettes pulled together through LT's visionary talents. Since then LT has been features in numerous runway fashion shows, New York Fashion Week (2017 & 2019). She recently debuted at the Atlanta Art Awards runway show held at Atlanta City Hall after moving to Atlanta!

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